Hi! I’m Wen-yi. I’m a speculative fiction writer from Singapore, and my little bio line usually says I like writing about girls with bite, feral nature, and ghosts. My debut novel The Dark We Know, a YA horror inspired by Spring Awakening and the Pied Piper myth, has some of all three and is forthcoming from Gillian Flynn Books/Zando Young Readers in 2024.

I also write speculative short fiction and the occasional non-fiction piece. Here’s some highlights:

Flash fiction

Short fiction


I want this newsletter to be a space for me to dissect those stories, share parts of my journey as I go, reflect, make coherent the essays I have bouncing around my brain, and to just be a space where I drop thoughts about books.

Thank you for reading!

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Wen-yi Lee

🇸🇬 23 | she/her | author of THE DARK WE KNOW (2024) | other words: Uncanny, Strange Horizons, Tordotcom